Nail the 10 Simple Sales and Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Rev Up Your Business

Here is a 10 point action plan to help you prepare a framework for your future sales and marketing strategies.

1. Ask every new customer or potential customer how they found you – it is the cheapest market research you will ever get and a great way to test and measure your advertising and word of mouth referrals.

2. Go to functions, seminars, workshops and launches where you know your target market will be – and not just for the learning curve. This also gives you the opportunity to uniquely connect with your target market.

3. Source opportunities to put your promotional materials/samples/offers in delegate bags, gift bags and on public display at conferences, talks etc. Choose your events wisely and you can quickly zero in on your potential prospects.

4. Know your competitors. What are they doing? How do they approach their advertising/marketing? Are they successful, and if so why? Can you improve on their approach? When you have studied your competitors, then market or package yourself differently. Marketing is all about finding your point of difference and capitalising upon it.

5. Build a database of customers, suppliers and interested people, then create a community by keeping in touch. This should not always be in a direct selling fashion, sometimes you should share informative news and other times shares educational information. The key is to keep it interesting and pertinent to them.

6. Be consistent with your branding. Use your logo, colours, tagline, website and contact details on everything from your email signature to your proposals, brochures, website, advertising, invoices, newsletters and signage.

7. Develop universal scripts for all your commonly asked questions so that your whole team will answer in a unified manner. Create scripts for situations such as turnaround time, price objections, product comparisons and competitor comparisons to name a few.

8. Listen with the intent to understand. When you feel you understand then respond. Listening is more important than talking when it comes to marketing your product and getting to know your client’s wants, needs, pain points etc. Think like your customer thinks, then you will realise that your customer is only interested in “the buyer’s perspective”.

9. Make sure your website is your silent salesman 24/7. It is up to date? Are there free resources to keep visitors on your site longer? Is it a database builder? Is there a call to action on every page? Do all the links work? Do you describe your offerings simply?

10. Qualify the buyer. Don’t devote all your time to non decision makers. As soon as you gauge it appropriate, ask for a higher introduction to a decision maker or a joint meeting with your contact and decision maker. It is important to do this respectfully, remember the non decision maker can soon become a decision maker in that business or another.

You will find all of the above points covered off in the trio of marketing ebooks available for instant download from my website. Have your business sailing to success with these ideas and more simple and practical low costs tips.

Sales and Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to sales and marketing, you can do it right or you can do it wrong.

I saw an incredible demonstration yesterday on how to do it right.

Let me explain. Yesterday my wife and I went to Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota. The show was “George Gershwin Alone.” It was a one man show about the music and lyrics by the brothers George and Ira Gershwin.

It was based on the book written by Hershey Felder who also happened to be the star of the show. What a terrific performance.

Usually at the end of a show there are curtain calls, depending on how good the show is.

When the show ended Hershey came out to a standing ovation. But this was different. After a short minute or two he waved at the audience to take our seats and we did.

He asked the audience to call out George Gershwin song titles for him to play and sing. Then he proceeded to sing some songs and had fun with the audience.

So when he finishes this routine he says the Theatre asked him for his help.

He said in one week he would be doing another limited engagement show, “Maestro – The Art Of Leonard Bernstein.” He told us he wanted us to go to the Box Office right after the show and buy tickets because we would save 20% because we were at today’s show.

Well of course I was the second one in line to buy these tickets.

He said the Theatre asked for even more help. He agreed. He told us he brought just 200 copies of his soon to be released NEW CD and he would donate all the proceeds to the Theatre. He said he would also be happy to autograph the CDs.

After I bought the tickets to his next show I also bought his new CD for $50.

Look, Hershey gave an amazing performance and then proceeded to demonstrate the art of salesmanship.

He gave us a call to action. He told us where to go to buy the tickets today.

He gave us an incentive for buying today – save 20%.

He created a sense of urgency with his CDs by saying the supply was limited and he only had 200 copies.

He added more value by offering to autograph the CDs.

I go to a show to be entertained and I was. I also had the opportunity to see a brilliant display of salesmanship.

Let me put this into a business perspective for you.

Some of the biggest sales and marketing mistakes I see people and companies making include the following:

Selling on price. Why sell on price when you can sell on value? I believe the word discount should be eliminated from all marketing and advertising materials.

The word discount should be replaced with the words value and incentives. And whenever possible your value should be quantified in dollars. If you can’t quantify your value don’t expect your sales prospects and customers to be able to see it.

Selling features instead of selling benefits. This is a huge mistake marketers make. Salespeople also do the same thing and are always talking about features instead of focusing on the product’s benefits.

Let’s take a windshield wiper blade for example. These blades are made of rubber plain and simple. Yes they cling to the windshield and remove rain, sleet, and snow from your windshield.

But what’s the benefit for your customer? Well, the benefit for a senior citizen who has to drive down a mountain to buy groceries and go to church during a winter storm is peace of mind and safety because the windshield wiper blades enable your customer to see clearly and drive safely.

No sense of urgency. Tell your sales prospects and customers that your supply of wiper blades is limited, just like Hershey did. In fact tell them how many you have in stock and they need to hurry in because they’ll be all gone in a few days.

No call to action. This one is a no-brainer. Do what you can to make it easier for your customers to buy. Bernadette, my wife, goes ballistic when she sees an article or an advertisement for a product she’s interested in and there’s no contact information.

Be sure to include a person’s name, an address, a phone number, store hours, and a website if your product can be ordered on line.

Tell people to visit your store today to get a special bonus product with every purchase.

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you and they’ll keep coming back.

And always say, “Thank you for your business,” enthusiastically!

And I must say thank you to Hershey for his 2 brilliant and memorable performances.

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