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Sales and Marketing Extras

There are the usual sales and marketing techniques that every business does, like standard operation procedures for business. What else can you do to stand out? This is a key in getting more sales. Standing out is what gets you noticed and if it’s in a good way, more sales will be coming your way. Here are some other things you can do rather than the usual sales and marketing 101.

1. Tell the world you exist by word of mouth – Some people have forgotten how well word of mouth works. You can have all the promotions in the world; word of mouth is a classic that always works. Just make sure that the word being passed around is something positive, business is not like a celebrity. Bad publicity is just bad. Simply telling people you know casually, people in your neighborhood or family and friends about your business, about any promotion you have or an upcoming sale can boost sales up.

2. Event Organizing – This is a great treat for many people. Organizing a simple event won’t cost much and you’ll gain exposure. For example having a hotdog eating contest. People love to watch, you ca make sales during the even or give out coupons so people will visit you, offer something that attracts people aside from the excitement of seeing a man chow down on 20 or more hot dogs.

3. Competitions – This is more exciting but needs more planning as well. Having some kind of a competition that will attract a lot of people. It can be a pageant, dance contest, singing contest or maybe even a concert featuring a local celebrity. One day, maybe the really big stars.

4. Clothes and accessories – Free models you say? Yes, giving things out for free to people like shirts, pins or bracelets gets you free exposure and free models that’s go around here and there. You can have your logo marketed in another city and that’s exposure from afar for a very small cost.

5. Sponsoring – This depends on what you’re sponsoring for, and what your business is. Restaurants and hotels commonly sponsor pageants because people go to watch it and have to eat and sleep somewhere, so it’s a good match.

6. Good service – This is the most important part of sales and marketing. When you have the people giving you a chance to show them what you have to offer, do it right. Now you may be the perfect gentleman who opens the door for his lady customers, but make sure that you’re staff does the same. All around, your business should have great service. With great service you can get more people to help you out with all the above strategies as well.

How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

In the organizational structure of most businesses, there’s a marketing department and a sales department. While this separation of activities may be necessary for reporting reasons, it often leads to confusion and tension between the two.

Marketing has a broad agenda in its responsibility to the business. This agenda includes:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Web content
  • Market research
  • New product development
  • Social media

Sales, on the other hand, has a specific focus. Salespeople are charged with cultivating customer leads, qualifying those leads, managing a sales pipeline, and remaining focused on the key touch-points that move a general inquiry to a qualified lead to a buying customer.

Regardless of the difference in scope, both sales and marketing share the same objectives: satisfying customers and growing revenue for the business. So it’s essential for businesses to close the gap between the two departments – enabling them to work more efficiently toward these common goals.

Here are tips for bridging the gap between marketing and sales:

Start speaking the same language. In your organization, is there common agreement on what constitutes a “lead”? More importantly, does everyone agree on the definition of a “qualified lead”? Make sure a consensus exists on these critical terms, then focus your marketing activities on developing comprehensive target customer profiles and gathering information on key decision-makers within the target audience. If sales pursue individuals who lack the power to buy, their efforts are wasted and they end up distrusting the marketing team that sent them down the wrong path in the first place.

Create a jointly developed plan. Amazingly, many companies spend vast amounts of time and effort creating a strategic plan but never get input from their sales departments. Who else has more intimate knowledge and front-line experience of the customer than your sales team? A more effective approach involves sales and marketing creating a sales funnel plan that lays out every step of their customers’ buying process and details the best ways to reach out and influence those customers.

Measure activities and results. Encourage sales and marketing to revamp their analytics and to develop agreed-upon metrics that accurately measure the outcomes of the marketing and sales process.

Invite marketing staff to “walk a mile” in the sales team’s shoes. Often, tensions between sales and marketing arise from a simple misunderstanding of how a salesperson operates. One solution to this problem is to have members of the marketing team (from the top executive on down) spend a day or week with sales reps. See how they make contact with customers, develop leads, follow up on calls, etc. There’s probably no better way to learn just what information salespeople require as they work to influence the buying process.

It’s worth emphasizing the depth of customer knowledge a good sales rep has. They know what works with targeted customer and what falls flat. Within your organization, it should be made easy for sales to share this vital information with marketing and, armed with this knowledge, for marketing to give sales every tool possible to succeed in the field.

Basic Questions Put Forward by an Interviewer During an Interview For a Job in Sales and Marketing

In the present time, the field of Sales and Marketing is full of ups and downs, where a candidate has to meet regular challenges. In order to establish yourself in this field, you need to prove yourself, an efficient contender to a post for which you are being interviewed.

1. How can you define the term Sales Management?

Well, Sales Management can be best defined as the attainment of the sales goals, set by a firm in an efficient manner before the scheduled deadline. It can be achieved through synchronized planning, training, proper staffing and by effectively directing the organizational reserves. This article deals with all those questions which you may face.

2. How did your past experiences help you in establishing a career in the field of sales and marketing?

Some real-world experiences including the college internship activities, traveling abroad, and a few commercial opportunities have made me determine my business-oriented career. On my training days, while I was employed in a private firm, in Australia, I prepared a marketing strategy comprising of twenty pages advocating additional effective ways, which the company could execute in order to promote its services.

I had an international traveling experience twice, where I was introduced to many other trading opportunities.It was then, when I started seeing myself as a smart marketing professional.

3. How will you achieve your goals? Have you already taken an initiative regarding accomplishing your goal?

I’ve done some study on the experiences of some other folks in the field of marketing to see as that how they accomplished their objectives. I plan on pursuing my studies in the field of commerce where I will get a MBA degree for myself. It will provide me with more extensive knowledge regarding operating a business and the tips and tricks of economical analysis.

4. How will you deal with a fast-paced situation?

Well sir, I will try to express myself in an influential manner. I will work smartly in order to highlight my potential. I will try to demonstrate myself as an efficient motivator having leadership qualities along with exceptional communication skills. I will set an example before others.

5. Tell me how you will manage to handle the stress and pressure of completing a target, effectively before the expiry of your deadline?

I will prepare myself mentally and put in more efforts in order to handle my venture clearly, drastically and in an enthusiastic manner. I will leave no stone unturned, finishing my assignments in a jovial frame of mind. I am not going to let my work seem hectic for me at any point of time.

I am sure that by now, you must be familiar with the kind of questions put forward by the interviewers. You need to prepare yourself accordingly. So, good luck and perform well!