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How a Dead Fly Can Make Your Sales and Marketing Efforts Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb

I hope this doesn’t gross you out.

My goal is NOT to make you squirm in your seat or be paranoid whenever you go out to eat. It’s to illustrate a very powerful sales and marketing lesson any one of us can learn (and profit) from.

Anyway, here’s the story:

Couple days ago the Mrs. and I tried a new restaurant in town. We’d read a rave review about it in the local paper. And, since it is still new, we figured it was time to check out their cheeseburgers.

So we get home, open the carton and get ready to dig in.

Except… I see a black, scraggly looking thing next to my burger that turned out to be a dead (deep fried) fly.


Thank God I look before I eat, eh?

So my wife calls the place up and tells them what happened. I mean, there could be some punk working there who did it on purpose for all we knew. And we figured the owner would want to know either way.

The guy’s response?

“Hmm. That’s a first.”

No wanting to fix it. No trying to do something to keep our business (or keep us from telling other people about the fly). No caring whatsoever.

Frankly, his level of concern was as dead as the fly on my plate.

And yet… we would have probably given his “bistro” a second chance (in a few months) and probably told everyone how great the place is (thereby sending it more business) if they’d simply tried to make things cool.

Anyway, here’s the point:

If you want to increase your sales, get lots of repeat customers and have word of mouth marketing (one of the best kind there is) kicking in… all you have to do is CARE about your customers.

Treat them with some respect.

And, if something does go wrong, make it right.

It usually doesn’t take that much effort.

But when you have super happy customers roaming the streets practically proselytizing on your behalf… spreading the good news about how wonderful your business is… and even selling people on buying your stuff… success is a cake walk.

In fact, you almost can’t fail.

More Sales – Unmatchable Insurance Sales and Marketing Strategy Selling Tips & Ideas

Insurance professionals obtain insurance sales and marketing strategy selling tips and sales ideas to make more sales and more income. Key sales and marketing strategy tips are provided for you to use.

Selling Tips leading to more sales could be considered as a sales and marketing strategy ranging from deceitful to brilliant. Either way, the one characteristic they share is psychologically persuading insurance prospects to buy products. Here is a four pack of unmatchable selling tips and sales ideas, choose will ones you want to implement in your insurance selling.

Insurance sales and marketing strategy tips and ideas

GREED SELLING TIP: The majority of people believe that people of wealth got there because of a magical short cut. Vast knowledge and hard consistent work is why they are where they are today. Greed is an non-evil emotional stimulus that pushed them along. They possess a strong desire to become financially secure as quickly as possible. These insurance prospects are experts as spotting con salespeople and those trying to appeal to their emotional needs of fear, pride, or anything but greed to obtain financial security. There are at least 6 key emotions used in a sales presentation. You have to press the prospects RIGHT button, all others have little value. The GREED, accumulating wealth-selling tip will increase more sales with these style prospects.

AUTHORITY SELLING TIP: While watching television. You have certainly heard. “3 out of 4 doctors in the _____ study recommend using ______. This is what you need to research about the product you are selling, the better sounding the source, like an insurance study; the more credible you will sound. A prospective client tends to believe that if a study was done, then it must be true. This triggers the customer to also wanting to own this product. However, there is no need to make up a source or stretch the numbers. Using the authority selling tip you could even use you own study. “In the last _ years my clients have chosen the ___ product by a _____ margin”.

LIMITED CHANCE SELLING TIPS: Using direct mail, you want to receive the highest number of insurance leads possible. This can be maximized further using a selling trick like this. “The first 71 people responding will receive this offer.” People do not like to feel that they are being left out of an opportunity. This does not only work in acquiring direct mail leads. Applying it during a sales presentation will also work.. After all, there are only so many prospects that you or going to see and sell in the next month, right? So you say “I am only going to have ___ more people in the next 30 days able to get in on this offer, right now you are being given the opportunity to be one of them.

VERY BUSY SALES IDEA. Prospects are much more apt to purchase from a professional salesperson with a busy schedule. Whether you consider what I am going to present as an idea or as a Tip depends. If you think of yourself as a professional, it is a tip. Otherwise, you will think it is a sneaky trick. Think as you will, it rarely fails to help lead toward a sale. If you are ever going to become a sales professional now is the time to start! Professionals are busy selling, non-professional insurance salespeople are busy prospecting.

Here is the sales and marketing strategy: Find a large rubber band to wrap around a stack of 50 index cards or sales lead responses. Rough up the edges, so your pile looks well used. When you sit down at the table, before giving your presentation, you pick up the stack (with their name on the top) and gently plop them down. Then you commence by saying something like this. “I am glad I am getting this opportunity to show you how my product should benefit you.” “I have been very busy, and I still have to see quite a few interested people.” Your prospect automatically realizes that this is their only opportunity to get what you are offereing.. Watch how few times you now will get the “I want to think it over” or other stall objections. More sales.

ADDITIONAL BONUS SALES IDEA. An easy sales and marketing strategy to increase prospecting lead response and get more sales is to give away something for absolutely free. Not be able to appreciate receiving something for free, especially if your client thinks it is of value to him or her, is virtually impossible to ignorep It also transparently changes the physiological feelings of you client(s). You are given the hard to achieve marks of caring, generosity, professionalism, and trust all at once. What a giant positive leap in to your sales presentation!

Your give-a-way must be unconditional and be of value. Base your gift value on increasing your closing percentage and upping the amount per sale. At a bare minimum, it should be worth $10 to $20 per sales presentation. Your gift has to be one that it immediately redeemable and useful. Here are selling tips and sales ideas which work extremely well. A gift certificate to a local pizza store is closely followed by gift certificates to the nearby gas station, or fast food restaurants. A great add on to these is for agents owning their own website. You can give them the website and page url to a “thank you” download page. They can download recipes, cookbooks, or saving money Ebooks. Your onetime investment is about $50.00

Remember your clients are more apt to buy based on their impression of you, than on the product you offer. Make yourself standout from other salespeople.

Core Small Business Skills – Sales and Marketing Management

As a business owner and entrepreneur it is important to develop a set of key management skills upon which you can build your business. Even more so when you consider research into Australian small business failures, has identified that in 90% of cases, a lack of management skills has been a key reason for small business failure. Being able to effectively market and sell your products is one of the core skills required to operate your business effectively. We will take a look at the specific sales and marketing skills you need to master for profitable success.

Market Research

Strong sales and marketing skills are vital in the promotion of your small business and its products and services. You need to be able to undertake market research which will help you to identify where your markets are, the total market size and the size of each of its key segments. You should also be able to profile your customers, identify their needs, wants, behaviours and ambitions and parlay the information into powerful and effective marketing campaigns and sales techniques which will help to drive sales revenue.

You also need to develop the skills required to undertake primary research. Primary research is research that you undertake yourself. i.e. feedback, surveys, questionnaires, etc. You need to be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers ever-changing demands and the business environment in which you operate and to identify the threats and opportunities that may impact on your small business. Inability to adjust to changes in the market place was identified by market research as one of the key skills lacking in small business operators.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the practice of analysing your customers in your customer database and grouping them according to their gender, age, education, geography, income, life stage, behaviours and aspirations. Developing your customer segmentation analytical skills provides the foundation for better understanding your customers so that you can target each segment with specific campaigns designed specifically to speak to them, thereby increasing the response rate of your marketing campaigns. It can also help you identify where potential customers with similar profiles might be found.

Marketing Planning

Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners need strong marketing planning skills. You need to be able to take your marketing strategy and communicate it to all relevant stakeholders. Usually the vehicle that is used to formally communicate your marketing strategy is your marketing plan.

Marketing planning skills will help you create a clear, concise document which defines your strategic business intent and the marketing approach you have chosen as the most effective method of achieving your overall business goals.

Creating Value Propositions

Customers buy when the perceived value is greater than the price. Marketing involves the development and creation of innovative value propositions that puts your product or service offering ahead of those of your competitors. You need to learn to harness the primary research from your customers, competitors customers and potential customers to continually strive to improve your offering.

Effective Campaign Development

Developing effective marketing campaigns relies on having completed the market research, the customer profiling and segmentation, developing a marketing plan that aligns to the organisations’ strategic intent and developing innovative value propositions. Campaign development takes all that information and designs appropriate messages and determines communication delivery channels in order to directly appeal to your target segment.

Sales Techniques & Processes

It definitely pays to develop effective sales processes, including the preparation and planning of your sales approach. You need to master your sales pitch, learn how to handle objections and refine your closing techniques. As the small business owner you also need to be able to teach each of your employees how to sell effectively.

Customer Fulfilment

Delivering to your customer should be a well planned, well prepared and well executed process. After all, you are aiming to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Having the ability to define the process, so that it can be repeated time after time, with each and every customer, takes skill. Exceptional execution or customer execution. Exceptional execution will earn you happy customers. Happy customers tell their family and friends and also remain loyal. Customer execution results in no repeat sales and no referrals.

Developing sales and marketing management skills will help you achieve sales and marketing success and help you to drive increasing sales revenues in your small business. Keeping abreast of changes in the marketplace and in consumer demands and having the ability to respond to those changes will ensure your business grows, thrives and survives.