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Patient Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is a waiting game where timing and preparedness are more important than your slick pitch!

Have you ever wondered about the main complaint of the average person with regards to sales and marketing? It is that too often we, as professionals, simply regurgitate a whole bunch of facts and figures about how great we are and how you should buy my product or service. Sales used to be the real villain as portrayed by the endless stereotypes of “snake oil salesmen” and the like in our social consciousness but now marketing has come to the fore of being just as criticized by the general public. As a society we are inundated by commercial messaging telling us to buy this or that and for the most part it is something that is ignored at best and reviled at worst.

How can you turn the tables in this climate of perceived hostility that customers now have against being sold to or marketed to? The answer is to be less active and more passive. Even the phrase “selling to” or “marketing to” points to the direction of the problem: we feel that by making strenuous and persistent efforts we can convince someone to do something that they would not otherwise do. The truth of the matter, however, is that people do what people want to do. Have you figured that out yet? All you can do, then, is to make yourself available and make each interaction count.

I am not advising that you stop selling or marketing to your customers. Rather, continue to persist in refining your message and communicating directly to customers about their needs and how you can help them. Then move on and spread the message without expecting or trying to force a response. What you will find is that customers who are interested will let you know, will ask questions and will themselves become involved in the process of buying from you. Along the way, your focus should be to maintain your posture and get to know and educate your customers without being the slightest bit aggressive or demanding. Don’t you hate being forcefully sold to yourself? Then why is it that we treat our customers as if they are any different from ourselves?

Patient sales and marketing does not mean that you let the customer run the process. Rather, what you are waiting for is for them to become genuinely engaged. If a customer asks about your product or service then don’t just give them the information and send them on their way but rather seek to understand their situation and motivations. Each step of the sales and marketing process, each conversation you have with your customer should be about building a relationship. Both the customer and yourself will figure out after a few conversations whether or not you are a fit for each other naturally. Instead of trying to impress your customer with how good your product or service is, impress how much you care about them and what you do.

Focus on being a consummate professional. After each interaction make sure your customer comes away feeling satisfied that they have been able to express themselves and that they were heard and that they matter. This is the real art of sales and marketing, to be available to help facilitate your customer in every reasonable way. It is because you perceive a need of theirs that you can fulfill that you are involved in developing a rapport with them, not just to sell them something. When you can genuinely convey that feeling, customers will learn to trust you and will return to you again and again. Your job is to enable them to see your vision by being approachable and interacting with them meaningfully.

At the end of the day it is the customer who decides whether or not he or she is interested in your product or service and whether or not they are interested in you. If you just accept that fact at face value it will relieve you of the stress of trying to persuade people to do this or that and be left wondering why they resist or ignore you. Rather, create the right environment for your customers to interact with you and keep connecting with more people. Soon enough you will develop interest into conversations into leads into sales. Use kid gloves when dealing with customers – handle them with the utmost care and respect. That is what will pay off in the long run and now how good your product or service is. There may be other companies that offer what you do but only one you!

“The hearts of people are like wild beasts and attach themselves to whoever loves and trains them.” – Proverb

Sales and Marketing Strategy – Article Marketing is King!

Do you search for a sales and marketing strategy that will make you money online? Then you should go for article marketing. Article marketing is easy to implement, give targeted traffic and nice results.

How to start with article marketing?

When you start with article marketing as your sales and marketing strategy, you first need to sign up for a EzineArticles account. EzineArticles is the best article directory and definitely the place to start. When you have sign up for an account it’s time to submit some articles. Try to write the articles with great Titles, good content and a killer resource box. The resource box is the text in the end where you can promote a website or anything else you prefer. Then submit your 10 first articles. You then have to wait until they get approved. It takes somewhere between 5-10 days. After they get approved you can submit another 25 articles and after that unlimited. It will then usually take maximum 48 hours to get them approved.

Keyword research – The most important part of article marketing

To get a lot of traffic to your articles you need to do some keyword research. This is maybe the most important part of article marketing. If you do your research properly, you will rank high in the search engines and get much traffic. It will then become a great sales and marketing strategy. To do your research you can use Google keyword tool. It is a free tool. You just put in your main keyword or phrase and you will get suggestions on other keywords that you can use. Try to use long tail keywords (keywords with 3-5 words or more) as they use to have lower competition. You can also see how many searches each keyword has per month. Try to pick the ones with a decent amount of searches but with low competition.

Build Backlinks to rank higher in the search engines

To get this method to be a good sales and marketing strategy it’s great to build some backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites to your articles. If you build some backlinks it’s a much higher chance that your articles will get higher ranked in the search engines and that they will stay there for a long time. Be sure to use your keyword as the text link. Good places to build backlinks from are HubPages, Squidoo lenses, other article directories and free blogs like and

How a Better Economy Will Affect Sales and Marketing Jobs

It started the first day of the New Year when my company got in more hiring inquiries in a day than we have since I was working out of an apartment. We totaled in at the double digits.

This is great, but the most telling thing was the types of jobs that were coming in and what they were paying. All of the sudden, the “70k’s became 90k’s and the 90k’s became “We’ll pay market price if the person is worth it.”

What Is the Effect?

For the most part, a heightened employment rate brings positive change, but for many it can also bring a heightened amount of urgency, thus creating a heightened amount of stress and tension to get the right person hired.

Moreover, it can also change the scope of many sales, sales management and marketing jobs.

What Are the Changes?

Sales – A better economy obviously means more sales opportunities, but it also means that small, cheaper competition is going to try to push itself into the market.

Also, sales professionals typically deal with bosses inflating their expectations, usually in the form of a quota much more than what is humanly possibly.

After all, many sales managers feel the pressure from above and are not economists. I cannot judge, as I slept through economics in college (if it was such as perfect science, world hunger would not exist).

Regardless of quota changes, sales personnel are going to make more money both in base salary and in gross take-away.

Marketing – Marketing personnel are one of the last to be hired and first to be fired, and consistently ignored during bad economic times. Companies who are short on cash need quick fixes via hiring sales professionals with a Rolodex, not reprogramming their website.

I am an outlier who believes marketing should always be at the forefront. But if you have to choose between marketing and sales, marketing is not going to pad a bank account during tough economic times.

Marketing jobs are not popping up readily as of yet, but my firm is working on a few high level marketing jobs, which is a lot better than last year which was all sales.

Management (Sales and Marketing) – If the job market continues to improve, then management is going to shift from hybrid sales and sales management roles to more pure management positions. The more subordinates a manager brings on, the more need for day to day management functions than if the individual is only responsible for a handful of people, thus needing to moonlight as a sales or marketing rep.

Therefore, in this type of economy, many management jobs and, subsequent day to day activities, shift towards recruiting employees, training new employees and ensuring proper management of the ones that are under him or her.

In the End

I do think that hiring will continue to improve just yet, at least not drastically. But then again, I’m not an economist. But even yet again, does an economist know better than someone who lives and breathes the job market for a living?